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Plastic greenhouse membrane replacement should pay attention to wind impact
Jun 22, 2017

The weather problem is very important, we have to change the new plastic greenhouse membrane, the first thing to consider is the weather, there are vegetables in the shed, the replacement of the film must be chosen in fine weather, do not in rainy days to replace the film, lest there is sporadic with the germs of raindrops floating into the shed, induced disease; In addition to rain weather to avoid the need to pay attention to whether there is wind, plastic greenhouse membrane in the replacement of the time we should be in the wind-free weather, if the wind is too large, do not replace the grouting film, lest the wind will be blown out of the film. Also note that in the decision to replace the film before the two days can choose not to water, this is to avoid moisture in the canopy, the film when the impact.

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