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Selection tips for thickness of plastic greenhouse film
Jun 22, 2017

First, see what plastic greenhouse membrane to do with the second, this mainly look at the farmers friends of what vegetable crops, third, see plastic greenhouse membrane to achieve what effect. 1: Plastic greenhouse membrane: plastic greenhouse membrane is what we call polyvinyl chloride (PVC) greenhouse membrane, it through the improvement of the basic resin, stabilizer, etc., thus greatly prolonging the life of agricultural greenhouse membrane. Selection of agricultural greenhouses film thickness of 0.08-0.10 mm, effective use: 16-18 months, Price: 1.4 yuan a square; 2: Vegetable greenhouse Film: Plastic greenhouse film without drop, the surface tension of the film through the addition of hydrophilic without drops, surfactant, so that the surfaces of the membrane to achieve water similar or similar, so as to achieve no drop effect. Another class of multi-layer coextrusion Composite film, relying on the low thermal conductivity of intermediate resin to play a thermal resistance, so that the surface of the film can maintain a large temperature difference and thus reduce the surface of the film inside the formation of droplets, some of these films are also known as the film without drop. In recent years, some film-free films have increased the function of fog, which can effectively reduce or eliminate the haze in greenhouse and enhance the effect of crop lighting. Buy plastic canopy film thickness of 0.12-0.15 mm, effective use of the period: 24-36 months, Price: 1.7 yuan a square;

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