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The correct method of using the film in the Shed
Jun 22, 2017

Should not be in the high temperature when laying plastic film, because at this time of the greenhouse membrane heated expansion, and when the temperature is reduced when the film will shrink, will likely cause rupture and tearing. Once a rupture occurs, repair it with a dedicated tape. Before opening the film coil should check the ground condition of the work ground, avoids the object to pierce or scratches the film. Do not walk on the film, nor should the assembly tool or other objects be placed on the film to prevent the film from breaking. In particular, it should be noted that: as far as possible to avoid the film and greenhouse components directly connected, if it is unavoidable, should be in the area of the connection with white acrylic acid vinyl, do not smear mixed organic solvents. At the same time to avoid crop and irrigation, heating pipes and other equipment and film direct contact. In order to ensure the full function of plastic film, in laying and use should pay attention to the following matters: Plastic film in the installation before use must be stored in the shade, dry place, no sun and rain. The iron and metal wire in the structure of the shed shall be well plated, and no dirty and rusty components should be used.

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