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The most effective anti-fogging measures for plastic greenhouses
Jun 22, 2017

Plastic greenhouse membrane Manufacturers Shouguang Three point Zero agricultural Technology Co., Ltd. revealed that the surfactant added to the greenhouse membrane material formula, you can get very obvious effect of atomization. The dosage of the additive is 0.05%-2.5%, wherein the hydrophilic oil balance value is between 4-14, requiring each molecule to contain 2-10 vinyl oxide groups and a aliphatic derivative group. The commonly used plastic greenhouse membrane surfactant has the glycol monostearate, the poly-glycol mono-lauric acid ester, the polyoxyethylene lauryl ether, the poly-oxidized vinyl oil amide and so on. After a long period of time, it was found that the combination of two surfactants in plastic greenhouse membranes was better than the single one, which could produce synergistic effect. The commonly used method is in the high carbon fatty alcohols of vinyl oxide derivatives, the result of synergistic effect is to improve the anti fogging performance of the plastic film plastic material, which is oxidized ethylene derivative of alkyl phenol, ethylene derivative of high carbon fatty acid, vinyl oxide derivative of fatty acid esters of glycerol or Sls sugar alcohols, and so on.

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