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TOYOTANI Multi Span Plastic Greenhouse Film
Apr 26, 2018

What is Plastic Greenhouse Film(Poly Film)?


Agricultural Poly film: a general Name for the plastic film used in agricultural production. It is widely used in the hoop or multi-span greenhouse for flowers, fruits, and vegetables and field coverage.


The advantage of TOYOTANI ® Poly film :


1.       100% Virgin raw material, Metallocene content is more than 30%, high light transmission (above 90%), high gloss, high strength;

2.       The amount of light stabilizer added is more than 2 times the ordinary film, effectively guarantee the shelf life;

3.       Compound the Primary Anti-drip agent and the long-lasting Anti-drip agent, The Anti-Drain time is good in the initial stage, it also can maintain the Anti-drip effect for a long time;

4.       Use the imported hydrotalcite, the heat preservation effect is much better.


TOYOTANI ® Poly film Using notice:

1. Should not install the film at the hottest time of the day!

2. In the winter, spring season, sheds are tight and in summer sheds are loose.

3. When the film is installed, it is distinguished from the inside and outside, and it is correctly installed according to the label.

4. Avoid plant, irrigation, heating pipes and other equipment and the film contact

5. Limit the usage of the insecticide in the greenhouse, prevent spraying on the film. After the use of pesticides, make the ventilation of the greenhouse as soon as possible.

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