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What are the daily maintenance methods of the grouting film
Jun 22, 2017

1, the main raw material of the grouting film is polyethylene, so some pesticides containing chlorine or sulfur can affect the stability of the grouting film, in the usual use of herbicides, pesticides and other pesticides accidentally sprayed on the film, the timely use of water rinse off. 2. Some external damage is the main killer to shorten the service life of the grouting film. Like the usual gale, hail and other bad weather, to do a good job in time protection, some bamboo, crop leaves will also cut the grouting film, daily work to pay attention to these details, do not penny-wise. 3, in the summer, the continuous high temperature of the weather, will accelerate the aging of the grouting film, the skeleton of the canopy through exposure will be more vulnerable to the contact with the grouting membrane, can use some thermal insulation binding skeleton to solve this problem. 4, when the season alternating, pay special attention to the different components of the film interaction. It is suggested here that Eva membrane and polyvinyl chloride membrane will accelerate the aging speed.

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