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Control Points Of Compound Process Of High Temperature Retort Bag
Jun 22, 2017

Because the production of high temperature resistant cooking bag when the amount of plastic than the production of ordinary bags much more, glue coating should be uniform, according to the characteristics of different manufacturers and different models of glue, resistant to 121 Shan temperature of the dry-gum volume requirements Sham. 5. Bo, the peel strength of the semi-high-temperature cooking bag before cooking should Sham. 5.0n 15mm to meet the requirements of GB Gb t1000 standard. Different equipment and different post-processing and contents, the composite process and various parameters are also not the same. If the composite machine baking path heating, ventilation performance is not very ideal, then the speed should be slower, in order to facilitate the maximum volatile solvents, reduce residual solvents, to ensure product quality. Determine the appropriate machine processing parameters, especially oven temperature than the production of ordinary products to 5e 10, composite heating laminated roll temperature can be controlled in 70, so that the initial adhesion of composite film and the ultimate strength are good. The composite pressure is 0 more than the normal product of the same specification. 1.2MPa.

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