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Determination Of Residual Solvents In Food Composite Film Bags
Jun 22, 2017

Composite film bags for food because of the printing inks and adhesives may exist solvent residues, in the use of the process may migrate to food, there is a certain safety risk. July 2006, the AQSIQ issued the "Food packaging, containers, tools and other products licensing general rules" on the food used in composite packaging film solvent residues in the types and limits made mandatory provisions, types include benzene, toluene, P-xylene, O-xylene, and xylene; other solvents: ethanol, isopropyl alcohol, N-butanol, acetone, butanone, ethyl Acetate, isopropyl acetate, butyl acetate. In Gb t1000 "packaging plastic composite film, bag dry compounding, extrusion compound", the food used in the composite film bag in the total amount of residual solvents should be Seme M12, benzene solvents should not be detected (that is Biong. $number Mg/M2).

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