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How To Solve The Problem Of Water Dripping In Plastic Greenhouse
Jun 22, 2017

We know in the selection of plastic greenhouse membrane, our standard is often light transmittance, good insulation, anti-aging, fog and so on the functional film. No matter what kind of plastic greenhouse membrane, in use can not avoid a situation is the phenomenon of water droplets. Although a stream of agricultural film has now been invented, the phenomenon of water droplets still occurs. How to solve this plastic greenhouse membrane flow drop phenomenon? Plastic greenhouse membrane manufacturers introduced: Plastic greenhouse film is not resistant to high and low temperature difference, easy to absorb a large number of dust, general when we found that plastic greenhouse membrane water droplets occur, can not be allowed to no matter, otherwise to plastic greenhouse film production will have an impact. There are some tips to avoid this situation, the manufacturer tells you: the soybean grinding into fine powder, plastic greenhouses per square meter with a large soybean powder 7. $number grams, 150 grams of water, soaked 2 hours after the use of fine gauze filtration, remove the dross after spraying on the plastic greenhouse membrane spray, can make water droplets quickly fall, and can keep plastic greenhouse membrane 15-20 days without new water droplets.

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