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Main Points Of Plastic Greenhouse Membrane Storage
Jun 22, 2017

Plastic greenhouse membrane manufacturers three points zero agricultural science and technology plastic greenhouse membrane in the use of the completion is still there is the use of value, so we have to recycle plastic film, then after the recycling in that place, we come to the specific understanding of it. Plastic greenhouse film to be placed in a cool, dry, ventilated, to avoid the sun, rain, plastic greenhouse membrane to prevent mildew deterioration. In the recovery time to clean, will be attached to the above impurities with Qingshuiqing wash, put in a cool place to dry. Plastic greenhouse membrane when hanging on the rope, the plastic film on the rope, with a clamp fixed, to prevent plastic greenhouse membrane contact with the ground and slide, until dry until. Plastic greenhouse membrane do not and chemical fertilizers, pesticides and other things stored together, to prevent plastic greenhouse membrane chemical action, to be as soon as possible recycling, concrete how to use can consult plastic greenhouse membrane manufacturers three points zero agricultural technology.

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