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New Product Of 3GG® Gear Motor
Apr 04, 2018

1、Self-locking performance is excellentbraking distance is less than 5mm.

 (1) The two kinds of gear motors for greenhouses in the market have a common fatal flaw, that is, poor self-locking performance, long braking distance (5.2r/min, braking distance of 50mm and 100mm), lax open and close, and this shortcoming is determined by the transmission structure, cannot be improved.

 (2) In general, to meet the window system with high precision requirements the self-locking braking distance needs to be less than 10mm, and due to the original drive system 3GG® gear motor’s self-locking performance is greatly improved; and the braking distance at 5.2 r/min is shortened to 5mm or less, fully meeting the requirements of high-precision window system, and extending its service life.


2、Limit control failure rate decrease to 0.1%.

(1) The most common quality problem of the current gear motors in the market is that the limit control system is damaged mainly due to the self-locking performance, and the braking distance is too long (5.2 r/min and the braking distance is 50 ~ 100mm), the failure rate is as high as 1%. When the braking distance is less than 20mm, the failure rate will be greatly reduced.

 (2) 3GG® gear motor at 5.2 r/m, it’s braking distance is less than 5mm, the failure rate is reduced from 1% to 0.1%.

3、Additional overload protection and power phase loss protection function.

3GG® gear motor adds overload protection and phase loss protection in the limit control system. When the load exceeds 1.5 times the rated load or the three-phase power supply goes out of phase, the motor will automatically stop and restart after the fault is rectified.

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