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New Product Of Vinipet®5(B5B23) White Wiggle Wire
Dec 14, 2017

New Product of Vinipet®5(B5B23) White Wiggle Wire

White Color Wiggle Wire  No damage to film  Four blue stripes  Five-year guarantee

Japanese Standard  Eight times detection

Strict Management  Further Refinement

Four blue stripes  Five-year guarantee

Well prepared  First published  Vinipet®5(B5B23) White Wiggle Wire

With the assistance of domestic and Japanese research institutions over time, Vinipet® 5(B5B23)White Wiggle Wire is first introduced to users, please leave your comments.

       New White Zigzags 20171201111451_副本.jpg                B6B23卡簧2_副本.jpg

Advantage of Vinipet® 5(B5B23)White Wiggle Wire


1、  Extended Duration of Poly Film

It is known that, the color black absorb more heat, the part in touching with black wiggle wire and the poly film will produce high temperature between 60-80, over time the poly film will get damaged, broken and then fallen off. However, the white wiggle wire absorbs less heat because of no Backplane Effect, it will not produce high temperature, no damage to the poly film, so the duration of greenhouse film will be extended.

2、  Aging resistance, Longer lifetime

The lifetime of wiggle wire depends on Aging Resistance performance of Elongation at Break and Tear Resistance. However, Vinipet® 5(B5B23)White Wiggle Wire is using white plastic powder made from the special formula, the Elongation at Break is increased by 30%-50% than black plastic powder, the Tear Resistance increased by 20%-30%, the duration of white wiggle wire is longer.

3、  Better-coordinated for the white wiggle wire and poly film, the union of heaven and color.

It is known that the white color is more popular worldwide because the color white does not absorb the heat and are anti-aging.

We believe greenhouse film with white wiggle wires look more coordinated and beautiful, to achieve the union of heaven and color.

4、  Certified four blue stripes, Five-year guarantee

With the implementation of the date on Purchase Order, if the white wiggle wire is properly using during the period of 5 years guarantee, Fenglong will refund full payment or send the new replacement for the problematic wiggle wire caused by aging, peeling or breaking.

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