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Printing Milk Film, Must Pay Attention To These Three Points
Jun 22, 2017

1, the proportion of ink should be based on the changes in the environment and climate change: the appropriate solvent ratio will cause ink drying difficulties and surface "false dry." Dry refers to the ink solvent ratio of volatile solvent has been volatile, low volatility has not been completely volatile, the surface of the ink has been dry crust, after printing for a period of time, residual solvents continue to penetrate, resulting in ink adhesion and decolorization. 2, printing speed and drying box temperature: Milk film printing speed can not be too fast, drying box temperature in general in 30, this is to make the ink solvent finish curing and volatilization, strengthen the ink adhesion fastness. 3, Printing workshop environment: Printing workshop environment must ensure that certain humidity ($number between good), the requirements of a sound ventilation, the temperature in 25 is good, too dry environment will cause milk film film electrostatic difficult to release, too humid environment will make ink volatile, fastness decline.

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