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Printing Technology Requirements For Flexible Packaging Composite Film Bags
Jun 22, 2017

Gravure printing Process Control is more complex, even if only a few small process details of improper treatment, but also may have a serious impact on the printing quality of composite film bags. Therefore, in order to make good use of gravure printing process in the soft packaging composite film bag printing, it is very important to get high quality printing effect, and some details in gravure printing process should not be neglected. The arrangement of the printing color sequence, in the soft packing compound film bag gravure printing, the arrangement of the printing color sequence is very important, generally follows the following rules. (1) in the printing ink in accordance with the rules from the deep shallow, generally black, green, magenta, yellow, white. (2) The printing ink of the table is arranged according to the rules from shallow to deep, generally white, yellow, magenta, cyan and black. (3) Spot color inks are generally arranged in white ink before, yellow ink, can also be arranged in black or three primary colors after the ink, but generally not arranged in the cyan, magenta, yellow ink between. Usually, the spot color inks in a printing job should not exceed 3 kinds.

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