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The Advantages Of Compound Film Without Solvent Compounding
Jun 22, 2017

1, environmental protection: Because the binder does not contain solvents, the environment will not cause pollution due to solvent emissions. In addition, solvent-free equipment because of its compact structure and reduce the drying box, making its noise far less than the solvent-type equipment. According to the measurement, the noise of the solvent-free compound equipment is generally between 70-75d, and the solvent type is generally between 85-100d. 2, low cost: The cost of equipment investment, because the solvent-free composite equipment compact, the area is significantly smaller than the solvent-type composite equipment, at the same time, the cost of equipment is much lower than the solvent-type equipment, also do not need solvent warehouse. In the use of energy costs, solvent-free equipment motor power is also less than solvent-based kohms Watts. On the cost of personnel, composite film solvent-free composite equipment generally only need to configure 1-2 people/units, and solvent-based composite equipment needs to configure 2-3 people/units. In the adhesive cost, the amount of glue is only about 2/3 of the solvent type, in a large number of production will reduce production costs. There is also no need to invest in solvent recovery and incineration devices. 3, Health and safety: solvent-type composite anyway, there is always residual solvents in the control of the existence of composite membranes without solvent compound to avoid residual solvents to pollute the content or cause odor. Safe operation, no fire, explosion risk, no explosion-proof measures are necessary. 4. Product quality: Because the operating temperature is lower than the solvent type, it will not cause the film to deform at high temperature. At present, the base material of common composite film can be produced by solvent-free binder, and even the composite film with 121 Shan High-temperature cooking can be manufactured by this method.

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