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The Three Optical Properties Of Plastic Film
Jun 22, 2017

1. The haze of the plastic film: The haze is the ratio of the scattering luminous flux and the projected luminous flux from the direction of the incident light through a transparent film, expressed as a percentage. The haze characterizes the clarity of transparent material. The haze is related to the intrinsic properties of the film material and the additives used, such as: the crystallinity and orientation of the film, the type of additive, the size and dosage of the particle. But it is also related to the molding process and the environment. 2, the transparency of plastic film: for transparent plastic film, the high transmittance of its requirements, generally should reach more than 92%; and for opaque plastic film, such as white film, it requires high whiteness, opacity. 3, the gloss of the plastic film: The gloss of the film surface roughness, the degree of smoothness, can be measured by the reflective capacity of light. Gloss using gloss tester measurement, high gloss material commonly used 45 refraction, medium gloss material use 60 refraction.

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