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What Is The Different Color Of PO Film Use
Jun 22, 2017

With the rapid development of agriculture, greenhouse planting has become a part of social economic growth. One of the most used is the PO film, there are many careful friends found that PO film is a variety of colors. So the following little series to introduce you to the different colors of the PO film use. The current color of the PO film is red, silver, blue, green, Red PO Film: Can transmit red light, but also can prevent other unfavorable to the growth of the shade of the crop through. Silver PO film transmittance in about 60%, can reflect ultraviolet light, can be driven away from vegetables, melons and fruit aphids and whitefly, reduce disease, maintain soil and water and weeding functions. The Blue PO Film Light transmittance is higher than the white agricultural membrane under the weak illumination condition, but under the strong illumination condition the light transmittance is lower than the white agricultural film, the thermal insulation performance is very good. The Green PO film can increase the green illumination, control the weed growth and improve the yield.

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